Members of the Branch Committee agreed that we would advise members of this ongoing consultation which closes 31/10/16.

Torbay Council is proposing changes to its Council Tax support scheme that will impact on thousands on low income households in Torbay.

  • Council Tax Benefit is a means tested benefit, everyone who receives it is on a low income.
  • This includes people who are on low wages as well as people entirely dependent on benefits.
  • People impacted will include disabled people, single parents and low income families.
  • 8,300 households in Torbay will lose at least 20% of their Council Tax Benefit, in other words they will have to pay at least 20% more of their Council Tax bill.
  • Some households will be impacted by more than one of the proposed changes and will face even greater increases in their Council tax bill.
  • The proposed changes are projected to save £1.75 million of the £6.8 million budget gap for 2017/18. This means the poorest 8,300 households in Torbay are being asked to find more than a quarter of the savings.
  • The projected savings do not take into account increased costs to the Council from handling more phonecalls and missed payments, increases in the number of accounts that have to go into the debt collection process and a potential increase in homelessness.

The consultation is open until October 31st 2016 and can be completed online here

For more information see this Council information document council-tax-support-consultation-2016